Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Retrospect of Sundays race

1.  While waiting for my turn to get to the start line and during the whole race I read lots of T-shirt backs.
It kind of made me sad that ours wasn't ready yet.
2.  At mile 8 when I knew I was in trouble and I knew the only way I was going to get through it was to call on the Lord with Worship in Praise, and He didn't let me down.  This has happened to me many times during these types of events and I think it is so typical of our everyday lives.  Why do we try to always do it on our own? and then when we realize that some thing's wrong we call on God to bail us out. Maybe if I'd thought ahead enough and invited God to go for a run with me that day, I would have had a better event.  The same is true everyday.  Let's invite God to be with us each morning and see what a difference God makes in our lives.
3.  Hills are always going to be on our road of life.  Some small and some large.  But as long as we keep Praising God with song and our life, it won't be long till we have run our race and we will be VICTORIOUS!
4.  Why is it that some times the most important people in our lives are the last ones we thank.
  For 39 years my wonderful wife has followed me from one type of sporting event to another. Sometimes I think just wants to see what kind of goofy thing I will do next.  Sunday was no different. Once I finished, got my medal and some water, as I waded thru the crowd, and there she was, smiling from ear to ear, just happy that once again I had returned to her in one piece.  She had  Gatorade, warm clothes to put on and a big hug for me. (Don't forget the one's you love)

Thank you Sweat Heart. I Love you very much

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