Thursday, November 11, 2010

What can I do?

What can I do?

So what could I to do? I Prayed. They had obviously wanted their privacy about this, because the news was not on the Prayer list at church, so I didn't want to run up and start talking about what they were going thru.
I Prayed some more. I didn't want to see my friend lose his mom while he was only 20 or 21 as I had. Although my mom didn't have cancer it hard to lose your mom when she is only 43. It makes you wonder what is going on. Those are the times when children and parents are just starting to be on the same page with each other and figure out who each other really is. I had lost that with my mom and did not want the same thing to happen to Jacob.  I Prayed some more.

  Around the 1st of May this year Jacobs mom announce that the Relay For Life would be taking place near the end of May. Relay For Life is an annual event to raise funds to help fight cancer. The object is to have teams and that a member of your team was supposed to be on the course the whole time. The event starts at about 1830 on Friday evening and goes to about 0830 Saturday morning.  At last! something I could do. There was a sign up sheet in the foyer at church for our team, divided into 30 minute shifts. However, no one was signing up from 0000 to 0500. Sorry! In case you haven't guessed. I am retired military and the 2400 hr clock works much better for me. (12 to 5 am) So I took 4 hrs and my friend Rhonda who is also retired military took the other hr.

  It was all very moving. After the initial ceremony stuff, the first lap on the course was walked by cancer survivors. By the way I am happy to say, Jacob's mom will be in that group this year and her hair is growing back nicely. Praise God. The whole time that night, all the Relay teams were selling things like T-shirts or trinkets of some sort to help raise money to fight cancer.  Preacher Mike even got arrested by the local sheriffs department and put in a fake jail.  It cost me $10.00 to bail him out.  He's my buddy, so it was worth it. When it was over, we were all pretty tired from staying up all night. But it was a hoot. All those people circling that 1/2 mile course for something they believe in.  However, I want to do more.

  Well, that's it for today. I got to write a lot today because I am off work for Veterans Day. Work you say?
Retired military pay is not enough to actually retire on, but it is truly a Blessing to be able to add it in at the end of each month. Tomorrow I will talk about statistics. I like numbers. They tell a lot. For now the only number I need to know is 4. That's how many miles I will run today. Take care and God Bless.

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