Saturday, November 13, 2010

Numbers don't lie

Numbers don't lie

   As my interest grew about this disease, I did some research to find out how many lives were lost each year. I will start with the good news.  The good news is that due to cancer research, the numbers are dropping.

  The bad news is that it was estimated 569,490 lives would be lost in 2010. That's 1,560 people each day, just here in the U.S.

  Since I am retired military, I was curious as to how that compared to lives lost in war for the U.S.  From the Revolutionary War to the present the U.S. has lost nearly 700,000 Armed Forces lives.  A little more than cancer will take in one year.  The civil war was the worst.  It claimed 599 lives a day. Roughly 1/3 the lives that will be claimed by cancer today.  The worst tragedy in modern history that I know of, was the Holocaust.  From 1933-1945, over 6 million people were killed because they were different than the people that were killing them.  That's almost 1,500 lives lost each day for no good reason.  Does that number sound familiar?  However, Cancer doesn't care who we are. It doesn't care about our Race,  Religion, Sex, the color of our hair or eyes, short or tall, thin or round, political beliefs Right or Left, athlete or couch potato.
It doesn't care about you, me, our mom's our dad's, our son's our daughters, brothers or sisters!

  OK, I'll stop.  I was talking to a co-worker yesterday and she asked if I had been RANTING about anything lately.  I said, "what do you mean"? I don't rant. Ap-par-ant-ly, I do.

  The numbers don't lie.  They can't even talk. Yet, they speak volumes of truth. Are we listening?

  What can we do?  Next, I'll try to explain my Vision, Uh-my Dream, Uh-my Idea. Ok, it's not mine at all. It's been tried before, but hopefully I can put a little different twist to it.

   Until next time. Be safe and God Bless.

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